Friday, March 18, 2005

Pilates Kick

Is your Pilates instructor qualified? [WSJ]
Pilates, one of the fastest-growing fitness activities in
the country, is facing a problem: The number of people signing up for
classes is outstripping the pool of people qualified to teach

TiVo and Comcast reportedly in talks to develop a a
partnership [WSJ]
TiVo is negotiating an agreement under which the company would develop a version of its service -- which helps viewers easily record television programs onto a disk drive -- that Comcast would offer as an option to its cable subscribers, according to people familiar with the matter.
Seems to me, this is really the only way that TiVo is going to survive. With the cable and satellite companies in a ferocious battle for subscribers, they're giving away digital video recorders (DVR's) for free. How is TiVo going to survive as a standalone solution? It looks like TiVo is trying to figure it out -- having partnered with DirecTV in the past.

And they did.. they signed a deal! Will this really be good for TiVo in the end?