Monday, March 14, 2005

New Head of the Mouse House

Bob Iger chosen as next CEO of Disney
What a not-so-surprising choice. Iger's taken credit for Desperate Housewives and Lost even though the people that really championed those shows have been sacked. Corporate politics. Do the best survive?

Eisner always gets what he wants
On Sunday the resilient chief executive who has run Disney for nearly 21 years appeared to have the last laugh. With the naming of Disney President Robert Iger as his successor, Eisner demonstrated once again the enormous control he wields over the Magic Kingdom.

"... the Disney chairman refused to disclose just how many candidates were actually interviewed".
Rigged contest? I feel like Disney stands for childhood dreams. How can a company that almost symbolizes childhood rig a contest for the CEO?
Gold and Disney have faulted what they characterized as Eisner's autocratic and heavy-handed management style for driving out a parade of talented top executives. And they have complained that the board simply does Eisner's bidding.