Friday, March 11, 2005

Craig Newmark is my hero

Craig Newmark is totally cool! As I'm sure that you all are aware, Craig is the creator of Craig's List, the place everyone poor people go to look for an apartment, find a job, look for someone to walk their dog, sell old furniture, etc.. I mean, they are basically free classifieds (a la, but I think that Craig sets an atmosphere where its about people helping one another, instead of trying to scam each other for more dollars.

He saw a need and filled a need.

Isn't that awesome?

And he is consistently approached by people to "buy him out" or given the opportunities to make many more millions with his service, but he refuses!!

How many people of integrity and general desire to further the human good are there really? I mean, wouldn't most people if they had the chance to make more profit, do it?

(Now, we are entering the realm of economics, maximization of utility and other topics which I will avoid for now.)

Anyway... I love Craig! I wish I could be like him!