Thursday, March 17, 2005

Blue Smokin'

In other news, I had a fun weekend spending basically all of my money eating out. Me, Lena and Kane went to try out the BBQ restaurant, Blue Smoke, for lunch on Sunday.

The restaurant wasn't crowded at all, and me and Lena kicked things off with their homemade lemonade. I wasn't that impressed with it -- to me it tasted like another lemonade fountain drink, but, Lena told me that it was genuinely homemade by her taste.

Then we had the macaroni and cheese. Nice, cheesy and gooey, but, I think Cafeteria's mac and cheese ($5.95) beats out Blue Smoke. For lunch, I ordered a pulled pork sandwich ($10.50) which was tender and tasty. With their signature BBQ sauce, a orange vinegary sort of sauce, it was yummy. Kane had the Kansas City ribs, half rack ($14.95), which was more than enough. I think there were like 8 ribs on there or something! I thought the tender edges were pretty good, but the whole thing was a little bit too dry and stringy.

Lena ordered an oyster po' boy sandwich (~$10) with a caper tartar sauce. I had a bite and its sort of cool to eat fried oysters in a sandwich. I think if you're an oyster fan, you would enjoy it.

Blue Smoke is a much better deal than the Cue Festival they have in NYC in June, where a whole bunch of different noted BBQ restaurants come to the city. Giant lines form for ribs, pulled pork, brisket at $7 a pop. I remember we had to wait a pretty long time before we got to the food, and what we got was so little that we ended up going to several other booths before feeling satisfied. Can't get no satisfaction.

Too bad there's no Salt Lick in NYC.. but at least we have Blue Smoke.