Friday, March 18, 2005


I signed up for Blockbuster DVD Rentals.. Actually, first I signed up for Wal-Mart rentals, since they gave a 30-day free trial. After that finished, Got Apex was showing the $9.99/month Blockbuster deal (for 3 DVD's out at a time) so I felt like I should sign up for that while I could.

(Sorry Wal-Mart. I do feel bad. I am planning to return to your service at some point and paying for at least a month, if not more of service. You did nothing wrong! Except... maybe your DVD's skipped little too much. And you do take longer to deliver than Blockbuster.. however, how many movies do I really need to watch a month???)

Anyway, I have been watching/consuming a significantly higher amount of movies since I started subscribing. I've watched Garden State, Ray, Open Water (NOT recommended), Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (not recommended), 50 First Dates, Day Without a Mexican (not recommended), Ghost in the Shell 2, and on and on.

I am sort of getting tired of doing all this watching. But, I don't feel like cancelling the service yet. I guess that's how they make money huh?

But you know, I think the market might be underestimating Blockbuster.. the stock is near a 52-week and 5-year low. Are prospects that crappy? Is management that not nimble?

Hmm. I guess if you were the target of big, scary cable and phone companies, you would be scared too.