Wednesday, March 16, 2005

2 Things to be Really Excited About

1. Launch of the new PSP

Sony is releasing the miniature Playstation 2 next week! Not only will it compete with Nintendo's GameBoy, it also possesses other capabilities including: (i) the ability to play movies, play music and view photos, (ii) Wi-Fi, (iii) play awesome games, (iv) connect with your PC or other device and (v) more!

In this review from the WSJ, Mossberg complains that the PSP has no hard disk (which I agree is a annoying), the memory stick is woefully inadequate for storage (agree, agree), and its hard for users to use the extended capabilities. However, I think Mossberg writes for the normal non-early adopter gadget user.

I believe that with all the tweakers and geekers out there, they will overcome these limitations to the PSP! Sure, it won't be use to get these features to work, but... I have a suspicion that someone will figure it out, and share it with all of us!

So maybe we'll be able to surf the Internet with it, look at cute photos of our pets, transfer files from our PC, watch TV shows, etc. etc. The possibilities are endless!

2. Whole Foods is coming to Union Square this today!!

Finally... its happening.. Whole Foods is going to be convenient and accessible!! Ever since I moved from the UWS to Union Square, its been sort of a culinary nightmare. There are not really any good, affordable grocery store options in the Union Square area. There's Food Emporium, which is super duper over-priced (although you can buy affordable kitty litter there), Garden of Eden (also incredibly overpriced), Wholesome Foods (which has a sketchy past) and the Union Square Greenmarket (overpriced! overpriced!)...

Yes, I admit that Whole Foods did not earn the nickname "Whole Paycheck" for nothing. But at least I won't have to travel to Fairway to get high quality goods for a sort of reasonable price.


Unfortunately, the place will probably be a zoo huh? Union Square is such a central subway/transportation location... so many things go through there. Its going to be crazy! Oh, I hope there's a Jamba Juice in this Whole Foods, too!